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Keyword Research Tool (Explained)

If you are a blogger and want to do proper keyword research before writing an article and you are on a budget then check out the free keyword research tool by FreeTextbin.

Why use keyword research tool by FreeTextbin?

It's 100% free with easy to use interface. Our keyword finder tool is best to generate a list of best SEO optimized keywords for any topic in any niche.

Totally free, no need to provide your credit card information or email address. That means no need to signup an account because we know the value of your precious time.

How our free keyword tool works?

The magic happens When you enter your seed keyword and hit the search button. Moreover, you can generate a list of keywords as many times as you want without any limitations!

What is a seed keyword?

Seed keyword is a main keyword of your niche that will let the tool to generate a list of relevant & SEO optimized keywords within few seconds.

If you are working on a marketing niche and you search for your seed keyword "digital marketing" or "marketing" then our free keyword generator tool will find top-notch SEO keywords related to marketing.

Exporting the keywords

If you have done your keyword reseach and want to export all the keywords in a csv file then you can easily export the list of those generated keywords by clicking on "Export All Keywords" button.

Getting keyword's data

Get the keyword's data including its volume, cpc, competition and previous 12 months trend by using our keyword data tool or by clicking on the "Check Volume, CPC etc" button for free.